Published Title Description
2023-08-20 When Do You Press the Button? On Technical Debt.
2023-02-05 Unlost Reflections on Loss, Work, Super Patience, and My Aspirations for the Year.
2022-11-06 Multi-column Layouts Experimenting with newspaper design.
2022-09-05 Pixel Perfect Some longstanding game development challenges resolve nicely.
2022-06-29 Sawfish Solitaire Getting back to Nature Elsewhere in a very roundabout way.
2022-02-23 hello world! A new website again.
2021-06-02 Perfect Notes A Linear Text prototype.
2021-02-27 February Sketching out new Nature Elsewhere screens.
2021-01-24 Game Design Document The abandoned Nature Elsewhere GDD.
2021-01-23 January Nature Elsewhere, starting over again, and a grand new art style.
2020-10-30 I'm Going to See a Man About a Bicycle My farewell to Wikimedia.
2019-10-01 September One month into a sabbatical for Nature Elsewhere development.
2016-12-18 Re: Once & Future Cactus (2) The Phaser demo and proportional-width mem font variant.
2016-12-06 Re: Once & Future Cactus (1) The mem font prototype.
2016-11-27 Once & Future Cactus Development starts.
2015-04-08 Keep Good Company My farewell to MapQuest.
2008-02-16 swankmania My favorite school project.